Miles Kimball Catalog

Miles Kimball Catalog

The Miles Kimball Catalog is a home decoration and gift catalog with items such as linens, rugs, books, clothing, jewelry, etc.

Miles Kimball Catalog Example

How to Request a Catalog

If you would like to order, a free Miles Kimball Catalog visit their website and fill out the form.

First complete your name, address, phone number, and email address. There is an option to opt in to receive promotional emails with exclusive offers and updates from Miles Kimball.

If you wish to opt in, check off the box under your personal information. If you wish to opt out, do not check off the box. At the bottom of the sign up page, select the catalogs you would like to receive. Opting out does not disqualify you from getting the Miles Kimball Catalog.

The options are the Miles Kimball Catalog, The Miles Kimball Christmas Cards, and the Miles Kimball Candy Shoppe Catalog.

When you are done completing the information, click on submit. The Miles Kimball Catalog should arrive in up to two weeks.

If you do not wish to request the catalog online, then call Miles Kimball at 1-855-202-7394. The customer service team will help you with your request.


Miles Kimball Catalog Example

Can anyone order a catalog?

Only residents of the Unites States and United States territories can request a free Miles Kimball catalog. If you live outside of the United States and wish to order a catalog, call the customer service team at 1-855-202-7394.

How can I get free Shipping and 10% off the first order?

If you subscribe to Miles Kimball’s newsletter by entering your email address in the Let’s Keep in Touch sections of the page, you will get free shipping and 10% off your first order.

Do other stores offer free catalogs?

Other stores such as Current, Lakeside Collection, Collections Etc., Orvis, LTD Commodities, What on Earth, Grandin Road, Ballard Designs, Crate & Barrel, Design Toscano, Frontgate, Brylane Home, Blair, and Garnet Hill, also offer free home décor catalogs.


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